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Question on Luke 16:8
Shlama all--

Noticed something that I wanted to ask the forum. When I was researching something in William Jennings Syriac Lexicon, Mr. Jennings made reference to what he viewed as a problematic reading in Luke 16:8. Specifically, in the parable of the Shrewd Manager it reads "and praised OUR LORD (maran) to the steward..." Jennings argues that the "lord" in the parable should be MARA, not MARAN, otherwise it looks like Y'shua is saying "our lord" (his and his listeners), but Y'shua's only master is YHWH Himself!

About the only thing then I can think of is that MARAN in this context is symbolic for YHWH, and hence "our master". If so, it would be the only the second time that I am aware of where MARAN is used to describe YHWH and not Y'shua. Incidentally, in case anyone is wondering, Revelation 1:10 is the other.

Any thoughts?
Shlama w'burkate
Andrew Gabriel Roth

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