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Peshitta OT
Thanks Paul for the Peshitta link.

Just one question that someone might be able to resolve for me.

Dan 11:30a

PA: wn):tyn (lwhy m$r:yt) dkt:y) wntbrwnh

HB: wb)w bw cyym ktym wnk)h

(And shall come against him ships of kittim, and he will be grieved)

The Peshitta is basically the same story as the Hebrew bible with the exception of m$ryt) [given variously as troop, siege, camp] compared to cyym [ships]. I don't see where the Aramaic is coming from. Any ideas?

I don't know much at all about the Peshitta and I'm interested in the text tradition here. The Greek translation of Symmachus, the preferred LXX translation of Daniel, doesn't mention ships either, but has the strange wording

kai eiseleusontai en autw oi ekporeuomenoi kitioi kai tapeinwqhsetai

(And shall come_in against him the outgoing kittim and he will be humbled)

So, I'm stuck with m$ryt and how it fits. Any help on the matter will be appreciated.

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