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Variance in Acts 20:28 has led to more questions.
Greetings to all,

I was hoping to find further insight in the Peshitta regarding "ekklhsian tou qeou" in Acts 20:28 but instead it has lead me to more questions that I am hoping someone hear can answer.

In particular, I was wondering how the phrase above in Acts 20:28 read in the Peshitta. I first looked at Lamsa's english translation and saw that he translated it as Church of Christ. The second place I looked was the Peshitta that is available as an option in the OnlineBible. That version of the Peshitta uses Hebrew characters and seems to render the phrase "church of 0hl0."

This leads me to several new questions. First, am I reading the phrase correctly in the Peshitta of the OnlineBible? Second, If I am reading the phrase correctly are there different versions of the Peshitta out there? Lastly, If there is one authoritative version of the Peshitta and it is the version in the OnlineBible then why did Lamsa render the phrase church of Christ?

Thanks in advance for any help received.


BJ -Bear

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