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But wasn't Matthew written in Hebrew?
(04-12-2004, 02:04 PM)Paul Younan Wrote: ..., who would have been Matthew's intended audience?  That the common Jewish folk no longer spoke Hebrew, but Aramaic, after their return from Babylon is well documented hundreds of years before Meshikha ( Neh. 8:8 ).  Who would benefit, or be able to understand, a Hebrew Gospel?

Finally, if Matthew really composed his Gospel in Hebrew and not Aramaic, then his Gospel is merely a translation of the Aramaic words of Meshikha, and not a first-hand account of the actual words Meshikha spoke - not much better than the Greek translations.

There is a video and two PDFs in the following link that well attest to the fact that Hebrew was never a dead language as many suppose.  As there is plenty of evidence pointing out that the Hebrew people wrote, read, and spoke the Hebrew Language before during and well after Yehoshua The Anointed One walked this earth. To conclude other wise would be a stark denial of facts. And yes while the Hebrew people spoke Aramaic when they had returned from captivity the prophet made they start learning Hebrew and even go so far as to send the foreign wives away in order to get back to a pure Hebrew way in which did not include writing the Scripture any longer in the Aramaic tongue as they did while they where in captivity. 

And yes while the Gospels went east to where they where preferred to be in Aramaic they too went east where the preference was Greek. Funny how the western christans say it was originally written in Greek while the eastern christians lay claim that the Gospels where written in Aramaic, both in taking a stance that their preferred languages are the original whereby giving their written word more validity. But both sides not only ignore that the Hebrew language was alive but go so far as to lay claims that it was dead. We also know that a many of the Hebrew writings where destroyed which would have included any Hebrew copies of the Gospels. No body was burning the Greek or Aramaic texts and that is the very reason that the Aramaic targums where written so that they could read from them in the Synagogues each Shabbawth as it was outlawed to read from any Hebrew Scriptures. Most likely the Greek texts came about as the western christians wanted to distance themselves from any for of a Hebrew heritage to escape persecution from the Romans as well. 

And finally, to conclude that any Hebrew manuscripts of the Gospels would be but mere translations of Yehoshua The Anointed One's words would also be but a mere opinion based on partial evidence and not the whole sum of the facts strewn throughout history. 

(Video and PDfs are best veiwed downloaded, as the online veiwers have issues) 
YHWH bless thee and keep thee;
YHWH cause His face to shine on thee, and be gracious to thee;
YHWH lift up His face to thee, and give thee shalom.

Your brother in Yehoshua The Anointed One.


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