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But wasn't Matthew written in Hebrew?
(04-12-2004, 02:04 PM)Paul Younan Wrote: Secondly, who would have been Matthew's intended audience?  That the common Jewish folk no longer spoke Hebrew, but Aramaic, after their return from Babylon is well documented hundreds of years before Meshikha ( Neh. 8:8 ).  Who would benefit, or be able to understand, a Hebrew Gospel?

Shalaamu (Shlama) Paul,
     A very interesting conclusion; nevertheless, compare the preface to the book of Ben-Sira in the Greek Septuagint:

Quote: Wrote:"...the same things uttered in Hebrew, and translated into another tongue, have not the same force in them."

--Ben-Sira prologue (Brenton's translation)

Almost the complete Hebrew original of Ben-Sira has survived.

     Ben-Sira was written around the 2nd century BCE (therefore about 100+ years before the Messiah's birth). So Hebrew may not have been completely dead. So the possibility of people understanding Hebrew in the Second Temple Period is not too improbable.

Shalaamu (Shlama)

-- Seitz (הלתואם Hal-Tawʔam)
"We have no power at all against the truth, but for the truth." -- 2 Corinthians 13:8

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