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The very enterprise is bogus.
Shlama Akhi Dave,

Prof. Fulco consulted Aramaic-speaking people for the pronunciation of letters. The "calculated guess" part that he spoke of in the interview concerns the grammar.

We can forgive Mel for not knowing that dining room tables didn't exist in the middle east at the time (remember the scene where Yeshua was making a table?), but there's no need to "guess", even a "calculated guess", on how 1st-century Aramaic grammar functioned.

Your research, my research and the examples preserved from the Greek text itself show us that the language did not differ a single Yodh from the Peshitta.

The people who think like Fulco imagine some mysterious Aramaic dialect spoken by Yeshua and the people of the time - but common sense tells us that if he spoke with the Syrian woman at the well, with Galileans, with Samarians, with Judeans - they must have had a mutually understandable way of speaking.

How Judeans spoke Aramaic is the same way Assyrians spoke Aramaic, otherwise passages like Isaiah 36:11 would be lying.

In your opinion, what would have been wrong with using the Peshitta text for the relevant dialogue?
+Shamasha Paul bar-Shimun de'Beth-Younan
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