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Wasn't the Peshitta produced by Rabbula of Edessa?
Paul Younan Wrote:In a series of special studies (1947‑54), Voobus argued not only that Rabbula was not the author of the Peshitta but that he did not even use it. (c.f., lnvestigations into the Text of the New Testament used by Rabbula of Edessa, Pinneberg, 1947. Researches on the Circulation of the Peshitto in the Middle of the Fifth Century, Pinneberg, 1948. Neue Angeben Ueber, die Textgeschicht-Zustande in Edessa in den Jahren ca. 326-340, Stockholm, 1951. Early Versions of the New Testament. Stockholm, 1954.)

Hi Paul,
From what I understand, Voobus also concluded that the Peshitta is a revision of the Old Syriac. Do you know why I reached that conclusion?


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