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recent photos of the Khabouris manuscript
Craig Amanyahu Wrote:Would you agree this is accurate? If so this would seem to date the Khabouris manuscript to post 200 AD (I have heard it was dated to about 310 by a reference to a persecution prior to being damaged).

On a different note it would really appreciate someone giving me the transliterations for the Aramaic of:

1. Sadducee/s
2. Scribe/s

Shlama, Craig

Shlama Akhi,

The Khabouris' colophon states that it was made from a copy that originated during the Great Persecution. There is only one massacre of Persian Christians that earned that name - it was carried out by Shapur the Shah of Persia. Persecution of Christians by Shapur began about 339, after the Roman emperor Constantine I converted to Christianity, and lasted until Shapur's death in 379.

The Khabouris is not itself from the 4th century - it was a direct copy of a 4th-century manuscript that had fallen apart by the time the Khabouris was commissioned to replace it - around the 11-12th century.

The Aramaic transliteration for "Saducee(s)" is "Zadokaya(e)"

For "Scribe(s)" it is "Sapra(e)".
+Shamasha Paul bar-Shimun de'Beth-Younan
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