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book of Hebrews: better from Greek, or Aramaic?
"what would change"

_Answering Jewish Objections to Jesus: General and Historical Objections, Vol. 1_ by Michael L. Brown (2000), 270pp., 59-60
To speak personally, I have been overflowing with almost indescribable blessing since I found new life through Jesus, and I can give you innumerable proofs that he is the true Messiah, that he is alive today, and that he is at work in the earth and in my life. .... Through the years, I have had the privilege of speaking with Jewish believers in Jesus who were raised Orthodox or Hasidic or had even been ordained as rabbis. They testified to the great joy they now have in serving God and his Messiah, and they spoke of the wonderful changes that have taken place in their lives since they put their faith in Yeshua. They strongly contrasted their past experience as traditional Jews with their present experience as Jewish believers in Jesus. The differences were pronounced! They went from being loyal, devoted, diligent Jews who had no sense of real intimacy with God and no definite assurance of forgiveness of sins to being Jews who now serve God out of love, enjoying a close personal relationship with him. spite of all their study and effort as traditional Jews, they always fell short. Things changed dramatically once they were "born again," and rather than becoming lazy, careless believers, they were all the more zealous to please the Lord.

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