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book of Hebrews: better from Greek, or Aramaic?
How would you render Lk 3:5?
Does "crooked" and "straightened" belong in it?

Diatessaron 3:44
All the valleys shall become filled,
And all the mountains and hills shall become low;
And the rough shall become plain,
And the difficult place, easy;

Luke 3:5
All valleys will be filled
and all mountains and hills will be leveled,
rugged places will be smoothed (ironed)
and difficult terrain (will turn into) a plain.
explanation - the text follows the Aramean Peshitta. The reading of the Greek NA28, MHT and TR reads:

"Every valley will be filled
and every mountain and hill will be made flat,
and what is crooked will be straightened
and what is uneven will be made flat."

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