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book of Hebrews: better from Greek, or Aramaic?
Do you think Psalm 151A and 151B belong in the Bible? Versions of them are in both the LXX and the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Psalm 150-152 (Brenton Septuagint)
1 Alleluia. Praise God in his holy places: praise him in the firmament of his power.
2 Praise him on account of his mighty acts: praise him according to his abundant greatness.
3 Praise him with the sound of a trumpet: praise him with psaltery and harp.
4 Praise him with timbrel and dance: praise him with stringed instruments and the organ.
5 Praise him with melodious cymbals: praise him with loud cymbals.
6 Let every thing that has breath praise the Lord.

[151:1] I was small among my brethren, and youngest in my father's house: I tended my father's sheep. [2] My hands formed a musical instrument, and my fingers tuned a psaltery. [3] And who shall tell my Lord? the Lord himself, he himself hears. [4] He sent forth his angel, and took me from my father's sheep, and he anointed me with the oil of his anointing. [5] My brothers were handsome and tall; but the Lord did not take pleasure in them. [6] I went forth to meet the Philistine; and he cursed me by his idols. [7] But I drew his own sword, and beheaded him, and removed reproach from the children of Israel.

[152:1] O Lord, Almighty God of our fathers, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and of their righteous seed; [2] who hast made heaven and earth, with all the ornament thereof; [3] who hast bound the sea by the word of thy commandment; who hast shut up the deep, and sealed it by thy terrible and glorious name; [4] whom all men fear, and tremble before thy power; [5] for the majesty of thy glory cannot be borne, and thine angry threatening toward sinners is importable: [6] but thy merciful promise is unmeasurable and unsearchable; [7] for thou art the most high Lord, of great compassion, longsuffering, very merciful, and repentest of the evils of men. Thou, O Lord, according to thy great goodness hast promised repentance and forgiveness to them that have sinned against thee: and of thine infinite mercies hast appointed repentance unto sinners, that they may be saved. [8] Thou therefore, O Lord, that art the God of the just, hast not appointed repentance to the just, as to Abraham, and Isaac, and Jacob, which have not sinned against thee; but thou hast appointed repentance unto me that am a sinner:

[9] for I have sinned above the number of the sands of the sea. My transgressions, O Lord, are multiplied: my transgressions are multiplied, and I am not worthy to behold and see the height of heaven for the multitude of mine iniquities. [10] I am bowed down with many iron bands, that I cannot lift up mine head, neither have any release: for I have provoked thy wrath, and done evil before thee: I did not thy will, neither kept I thy commandments: I have set up abominations, and have multiplied offences. [11] Now therefore I bow the knee of mine heart, beseeching thee of grace. [12] I have sinned, O Lord, I have sinned, and I acknowledge mine iniquities: [13] wherefore, I humbly beseech thee, forgive me, O Lord, forgive me, and destroy me not with mine iniquities. Be not angry with me for ever, by reserving evil for me; neither condemn me to the lower parts of the earth. For thou art the God, even the God of them that repent; [14] and in me thou wilt shew all thy goodness: for thou wilt save me, that am unworthy, according to thy great mercy. [15] Therefore I will praise thee for ever all the days of my life: for all the powers of the heavens do praise thee, and thine is the glory for ever and ever. Amen.

_The Dead Sea Scrolls Bible: The Oldest Known Bible Translated for the First Time into English_, translated and with commentary by Martin Abegg Jr., Peter Flint & Eugene Ulrich (1999), 649pp., 586
In 11QPs^a the column containing Psalms 151A and 151B is followed by a blank column. The black leather clearly shows that the collection found in 11QPs^a actually ended with Psalm 151B, a version of which also ends the book of Psalms in the Septuagint.

Anything beyond Psalm 150:6 seems to not be in the Peshitta Tanakh Psalms.

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