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A Mystery Revealed: Gospel of Mark tracks the 7 Churches in the Book of Revelation
(04-29-2016, 12:57 AM)gregglaser Wrote: The Jewish high priest was killed in 66AD.  And by 68AD, it was just rebels ‘running things’ chaotically in the city as people starved, and worse.  Anything after 68AD was not law, it was chaos.
So any ‘priests’ who remained in the city by 70AD were not lawful.  That’s a big deal actually – law. 
From the reliable materials available, the actual and legitimate priestly authority (holding the seat of Moses) was completely absent in Jerusalem sometime between 66AD and 68AD, which was when the entire rule of law had broken down in the city.

Not so, Greg!

Jehoiarib is the first Mishmarot Group named in 1 Chronicles 24. Immer is the sixteenth and these two Groups bookend the "House of Eleazar"*. The Hasmonean Dynasty is "assigned" to Jehoiarib and the "Leading Name" of Jehoiarib may reflect the efforts of the Dynasty to be "the first in line", as there are other orderings given (Eisenman and Wise, Dead Sea Scrolls Uncovered).

The very important aspect of having Jehoiarib on Duty for Mishmarot at the Destruction of the Temple is that this gives an "Anchor Date" from which ANY of the 24 Groups may be calculated for the purpose of determining which Course was on Duty for a particular week. The Qumran Group used the Mishmarot Courses to keep track of variances in the various Calendars that competed with the "Correct Calendar" as used by that Group.

The 4 BCE Passover saw the murder of 3000 worshipers and the cancellation of Passover. Which Group was on Duty for this Passover? Immer. " אמּר ". As in, "Lamb", as in "The 16th Mishmarot Service Group". I believe that this word play is strictly intentional.

There are some, shall we say "Interesting", ideas floating around about various people from this time, including Yohanan ben Zakkai, Vespasian and even Josephus. It is very possible that there are some shenanigans goin' on with the Historicity of various parts of this Tableau. The intent is, as I stated above, intentional. So, whether the Temple area was a "Lawless" Area or not, the Literature we have portrays the Mishmarot Service as continuous and in force until it ends with the Destruction of the Temple, with Jehoiarib on Duty.


* You should look at the Jewish Encyclopedia for the report on the Mishmarot Group "Bilgah". There is something...ummm...interesting about the actions of Bilgah...

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