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A Mystery Revealed: Gospel of Mark tracks the 7 Churches in the Book of Revelation
Chuck, I’ve been giving a lot of thought to your comments, and I’m grateful for the cautionary advice.  I’ve decided to accept some of your advice about date-setting…

In reflection, I realized that I’ve been speculating on the duration of the great tribulation.  I re-read almost the entire Crawford codex this last week (after your comments) and it occurred to me that I don’t see anywhere in the literal text where great tribulation clearly adds up to 7-years or otherwise.  The approximately 7-year expectation must have gotten inside my head through commentaries about Revelation 12 and 13. 

So I'm no longer assuming a 7-year tribulation, and indeed my methodology has a fundamentally different interpretation of Revelation 12.  That means that logically, I'm free to ask: what if great tribulation lasts 40-years?!  Or 7-years? Or 14-years? Or 5.5 years?  Or other?

So I’ve changed my images above that projected the beginning of the Millennial Reign in “2024AD?” -- now the images have just a “?”  That should be clearer -- my methodology does not predict the timing of when the Messiah will arrive or the beginning of the Millennial Reign.

With that said, the “2018AD” date is a calculation that this methodology predicts for the end of the Laodicea church’s protection.  In other words, this methodology allows calculation that (1) circa 2018 is when a great tribulation begins because the woman is no longer safe in the wilderness, and (2) the previous six churches identified in Revelation are all fulfilled prophecies in their respective time.

So the reason I cannot back down from the 2018AD calculation is because it is a calculation: exactly 1,950 years (1,260 + 690 = 1,950) since the fall of Jerusalem (68AD).  And so the methodology says the previous six churches identified in Revelation are all fulfilled prophecies in their time.  If a methodology reveals fulfilled prophecy, then it is important to consider its merits, and its weaknesses/assumptions.

The assumptions of this methodology are: (1) 1,260 days = 1,260 years, (2) time, times and the dividing time = 690 years, and (3)  ܦܪܓܡܘܣ is actually near Mt. Hermon.  Take away any of these assumptions, and my entire methodology falls apart. 

But if those assumptions hold true, then everything else lines up with astonishing accuracy!  And in any case, Mark and Revelation would still appear to be greatly synchronized (just on the Aramaic words alone).

So, if this methodology is correct, then what can people expect circa 2018AD?  Again, the methodology does not predict when exactly the Messiah will arrive.  Rather, it only suggests that it would be wise for the Laodicea church to be cautiously aware of 2018AD and the years that follow.  Based on the precedents of the previous churches (Philadelphia, Sardis, Thyatira), I think the Laodicea church can probably expect World War 3 to begin around 2018AD, and then the world going downhill from there.  Accordingly, now (2016AD) looks like a good time to prepare for a long ‘night’ ahead.

In Matthew 25, when the 10-virgins are sleeping at night it reminds me of Yahshua sleeping in Mark 4:35 (synched with Pergamus before the great plague & earthquake & violent revolutions in my theory).  In Mark 4:35, Yahshua and his disciples are crossing to the other side of the sea, and then a great storm occurs while only Yahshua sleeps.  My theory predicts this was symbolic for the black plague & Catholic siege that began circa 1328AD (ie., while the church (in Yahshua) slept, the storm of protest and disease came).  But the disciples were not asleep in the boat!  They were frantically scared as the waves crashed around them. They literally thought they might die.  When Yahshua awoke, He calmed the sea (rebellious and diseased/dying people) and instructed the disciples to simply have faith.

Will this history repeat at the end of this age?  As the church in Yahshua sleeps, will the disciples be frantically scared when the waves rise? 

As it was in the days of Noah…

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