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A Mystery Revealed: Gospel of Mark tracks the 7 Churches in the Book of Revelation
I know you are sincerely sharing what you think you are seeing, Greg. The source is my concern. And it saddens me to see the Aramaic Scriptures being used for this type of thing, which has long been done with other NT language texts. To me, it is abuse and mis-interpreting what the Holy Text is all about, and forcing it into something it isn't about at all.

People have been trying to make the Bible say all kinds of things, and they have convinced some to believe they are on to something. Harold Camping comes to mind as a recent example. I spoke with him personally one day, and tried to tell him he was wrong about his timeline. Of course he didn't listen.

Speaking of timelines, Greg. You have 2024-3024 as the timeframe for the "millennial reign", then later on in your article, you have 2020-2030 as the timeframe.

This graph/chart timeline making stuff has been going on for many decades now, and there are many examples you can see posted online.

As time goes by...the dates always change. I was once involved with a group who came up with a timeline. I told them they were wrong about it, and that pretty much ended our fellowship with them. Their end date for the return of Christ was 2006.

Then they revised it to 2009, then they were looking at the Red Moons that John Hagee was blowing his horn about. Each time I was telling them it was all bogus. And they continue not to repent of this activity, as they try to find the timeframe for the end of the world, always with God not helping them.

Harold Camping wrote a number of long books pointing to 1994, then 1995, 1996, and lastly 2011. And before him it was other guys with 1988 being the time of Christ's return. You can find all kinds of this type thing in each generation, Greg, as you might know. And I don't see any value at all in any of it. A total waste of time.

Is it ego? Is it deception? Is it misguided soulish desire to know when Christ will return?

The Scriptures are clear that no man knows the time when it will be, and that it will be when we are not expecting it to be, so we are called to be ready at all times.


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