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A Mystery Revealed: Gospel of Mark tracks the 7 Churches in the Book of Revelation
Greg, to tell you the truth, I find your pictures and your placement of them within your writings more interesting than your personal interpretations and pretty out there ponderings. I have been a Christian since 1980, and believe me, I have seen all kinds of strange interpretations when it comes to end times and the book of Revelation, I have had a few myself, which I had to repent of.

You certainly have been influenced by dispensational teachings out there, knowing what type of understanding that is or not. It is pretty much the way every "non-denominational" Christian thinks is truth on the matter.

Sincere as they may be, I have found that people tend to see what they want to see, or that what they think they see, is from God, and not the deceiver...or just their own imaginations running wild. I have met some very interesting people with very contradictory interpretations through the decades, and they all say God is revealing those things to them.

I am no exception, Greg, and am very careful these days not to fool around with this stuff, as it is a very serious matter which can mess people up for years... and after learning my lessons on these type of musings (you have no idea), I don't do it anymore, by God's Grace, and I hope others wouldn't fall into the same trap.

Greg, if you take the book of Revelation very, very literally, you are in for a lot of disappointment, since most all of it is very, very symbolic, and open to lots and lots of different interpretations.

Basically, it comes down to this with me, regarding your overall proposal with this.

If Mark's Gospel is really synched up like you image it is with the book of Revelation, then God would have had to make that happen, and He decided to reveal it to only you...and then to have you came here to show us what you believe He showed you.

Now, this would mean to me, that you are some sort of a prophet or seer, and that God wants us to get the message He is sending through you. Right?

Or, if that's not true, then is this really just the way your particular mind works, and perhaps God isn't directing it at all, and it amounts to what is called by the Apostle, "privet interpretations", now made public by your post?

Q: "144,000 females"

Not males eh? Is this why your pictures in the post are all of females, even the hand in Christ's hand at the end, and that you interpret these 144,000 virgins as being the churches through the last 2000 years, or since you say you take everything very, very literally, perhaps you think they are literally 144,000 women?

Since nothing else is going on around here at the moment, perhaps the admins will allow some discussion on this stuff, even though it is most likely a waste of time. lol



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