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Teeple's Literary Origins of John
Hello everyone-

I got involved in a Project over a year ago and I'm now able to finish it.  I have Scanned a number of books, among them Howard Teeple's The Literary Origin of the Gospel of John.  In the last several days, I have been able to get Optical Character Recognition going to my satisfaction and I am converting my Scanned JPEGs of books into copyable text.  The typing pool will have to get by without me fairly soon I hope!

As I was Proofing the pages, I read this:

"The Sinaitic Syriac manuscript of the canonical gospels has the central section of John 18 in this order: verses 12-13, 24, 14-15, 19-23, 16-18, 25. The manuscript was written in the fourth century, but the translation it preserves was made in the late second or early third century. As Macgregor has observed, this order probably does not indicate that the scribe knew a manuscript that preserved that order, but rather that "the confusion of the present text was early recognized and that there were skilled textual critics before Spitta!" In short, someone noticed that certain elements in the story of Jesus‘ trial before the high priest do not fit each other very well, so he changed the order of some verses. He may have believed that he was restoring the original order..."

I' m glad I didn't have to type that.  Also, Don't Shoot the Messenger.  I found it very interesting.



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