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New Peshitta Interlinear and Plain English modules for E-Sword
(02-21-2016, 02:55 PM)distazo Wrote: I have not yet seen convincing arguments that the khabouris (eastern version copy) is the only, unaltered, perfect version In which we should leave out even the 5 books or John 8 etc.
I do agree that a fine translation can be made from the UBS, since that is a critical text.

It is possible to make a critical edition of the Eastern textual tradition and translate from it. It could be called "Peshitta", couldn't it?
To me, your appreciation of the Western 5 looks similar to Thirdwoe's appreciation of the Eastern text, except that 2 Peter and Revelation are in almost all bible editions while the Eastern Peshitta text is featured in very few if any. 

In a study edition such as a module for bible software, it is common to leave decisions over canonicity to the user, so even disputed books and the pericope de adultera are included. But when bibles are published on paper, it is unreasonable to rely on religious people to bring scissors to their holy scriptures.

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