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New Peshitta Interlinear and Plain English modules for E-Sword
Finally! We have just released our Original Aramaic New Testament electronic Bible reading / search and study modules for PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone and Android! 
Hi Brothers and Sisters,
You are receiving this e-mail because you have all expressed interest in the Aramaic New Testament in the past.  I hope that you will be happy to hear that we have finally completed the electronic Bible modules with dictionary and commentary for the eSword and MySword Bible search / study programs! They include several all new publications which will probably never make it into print because of the sheer size of the publications.  
These modules work on iPad and iPhone, Android, Mac (os 10.10 and above) and PC.  We are offering all of these modules as a set, for all your computers and devices, for only $15.  With free updates!  
To Purchase the module set please go to our website (Please note that you will require e-Sword or MySword in order to use these modules. MySword and the e-Sword PC version are free programs, the other e-Sword programs are sold for a very small fee.
These Modules Include:
A Numbered Aramaic Dictionary:
This dictionary has word numbers for each Aramaic word that occurs in the New Testament, with word usage, pronunciation, root word, part of speech, equivalent Greek Strong’s numbers, etc, and links to many web based Aramaic Lexicons.  This is a very powerful tool for word studies. It is based in part on the SEDRA 3 database by George Kiraz.
Aramaic- English Interlinear New Testament
(now with word numbers for each Aramaic word)
This is a literal word for word translation and this module comes with additional versions that give the vocalization of each Aramaic word, and for the it even has the Aramaic words in Estrangela font as an option.
The Original Aramaic New Testament in Plain English
This is our clear and literal translation of the Aramaic Peshitta New Testament in everyday English which is based on our literal Interlinear translation.
The Peshitta Companion Notes Edition:
This module has all the notes and commentary for both our plain English and Interlinear translations, showing the evidence which supports the premise that the New Testament was originally written in Aramaic.  
The Complete Vocalized Peshitta New Testament:
Which is the most phonetically accurate Eastern Aramaic pronunciation New Testament known to the translator, who personally tweaked and greatly improved a very rough version available on the internet. It is a variant of our interlinear translation.
As with all new releases, there will be occasional tweaking that is required. Any known issues with any modules will be put up on the module purchase page and free updates will be sent out as soon as the modules are tweaked.
Other News:
The translation of the Peshitta Old Testament is powering on, and Dave Bauscher is doing a stunning job, making many discoveries along the way.  It is over 3/4s translated at this stage, with three volumes in print and a fourth volume to be released soon. 
Please go to our website to check out these volumes under our Interlinear purchase page.  We expect the Interlinear translation of the Old Testament Peshitta to be finished and available this year, but due to the size it will always be in several volumes.  Currently we have "The Torah" which contains the first five books of the Old Testament, "The Major Prophets" and the "Poetry" edition which are all now in print.  "The Minor Prophets" will soon be published and available on our website.
If you enjoy our publications please tell your pastors and friends about them.
We look forward to hearing of your experiences with Dave Bauscher's translations and pray that they bless and inspire you as much as they do us. 
Blessings and Peace,
Tim Mitchell,
Editor, Peshitta Inc.
Get my NT translations, books & articles at :
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