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Modern scholarship
(04-30-2016, 11:03 PM)cgjedi Wrote: I'm truly sad that such an important topic that I raised months ago has no answer.

Hello cgjedi, I do not have a good answer on the subject of "scholarly neglect" of Peshitta, but this has been discussed here previously. 

In my opinion lack of good published research in the 20th and 21st century from academics could be due to many factors - cultural barriers, not a fashionable subject for "degree granting" and research and most importantly - no real experts in the subject. It is a bit ridiculous to write about documents in Aramaic when one does not even know the language, eh? 
There simply are very few scholars nowadays who know Aramaic (and history) to a degree granting them any credentials to even talk about the subject. Out of those few then you need to find any who also would be interested in the Peshitta. I'm not talking about positions and titles but true knowledge and sound reasoning. That includes many who consider themselves experts in Scriptures - they simply "made their minds up" (based on others opinions) and have not put any effort to learn and research properly, so sadly this subject is of no interest to them. What I find even sadder - my experience with fellow western "fellow" christians is that getting them to read the Gospels daily is a challenge, let alone put any effort in learning languages (this can be called "facebook age" - easier to gossip about others, and give them "likes" than put hard work).

Regarding no answer to your question - I don't think that those who have been very active here have moved to other social media channels. It could be just life (or death unfortunately) and other commitments. Many questions have simply been answered in the forum already and search button would bring very good information.

Ask a good question regarding Aramaic in Peshitta and let us see if you get some attention and answers. Start your own research and let us get to the bottom of it.

I'm still occasionally checking the new subjects and wanted to encourage you to do your own research and share your findings. I will try to contribute, time and knowledge allowing.

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