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Steve's opinion of The Aramaic Scriptures (The Peshitta)
Thirdwoe Wrote:Steve, why didn't you translate the rest of it, which gives the colophon date and the persons name who scribed it?

Because I didn't think that what the colophon was recorded to have said was in dispute. We were talking about Assemani's words, and Assemani didn't write the colophon.

Here it is for reference:

ܐܶܫܰܬܠܰܡ ܟܬܳܒܳܐ ܗܳܢܳܐ ܩܰܕܝܺܫܳܐ ܒܝܽܘܡ ܚܰܡܶܫܒܰܫܒܳܐ ܝܚ ܒܟܳܢܽܘܢ ܩܕܰܡ ܫܢܰܬ ܬܠܳܬܡܳܬܐ ܘܰܬܡܳܢܺܝܢ ܘܰܬܫܰܥ ܕܝܰ̈ܘܢܳܝܶܐ ܒܟܺܝܪܰܬ ܐܺܝ̈ܕܰܝܳܐ ܕܰܐܚܰܝ ܫܠܺܝܚܳܐ ܚܰܒܪܳܐ ܕܡܳܪܝ ܡܰܐܪܰܝ ܬܰܠܡܺܝܕܳܐ ܕܡܳܪܝ ܐܰܕܰܝ ܫܠܺܝܚܳܐ ܨܠܰܘܬܶܗ ܥܰܡܰܢ ܐܰܡܺܝܢ܆

(Side note: It *honestly* feels so good to be able to use Unicode properly on this board after so many years without it.)

And here is his translation of it:

Absolutus est sanctus iste liber Feria quinta, die 18. Canum prioris (hoc est Decembris) Anno Graecorum 389. (Christi 78.) propria manu Achæi Apostoli, focii Mar Marius Discipuli Mar Adæi Apostoli, cujus oratio nobiscum sit Amen.

Parenthetical remarks are his.

No real surprises there. The issue is not whether or not this manuscript existed or was penned at the time the colophon says it was. The issue is whether or not Assemani claimed that:

'The Text/Words which have come down to us in The Peshitta, have been the same since 78 A.D. when it was given to The Church of the East in "Edessen Letters",'

He demonstrably said no such thing. You misrepresented him.

Thirdwoe Wrote:It was/is the Peshitta Text. It couldn't be none other.

There has been zero indication that it was. All we have here is an offhand hand account of an Old/Ancient Gospel. It is not identified as a Peshitta.

You can try to *infer* it was such by making any assumptions you want. Assemani's words do not support this conclusion.

Paul Younan Wrote:"Old Syriac" in Assemani's mouth (curiously, centuries before the term was even coined by Cureton).  Of course to Steve, "Old Gospel" *must* mean "Old Syriac."

Apologies for ambiguity. I meant *an* Old Syriac Gospel as in a Gospel *in* Old Syriac. Not that this was one of *the* Old Syriac Gospels -- which themselves are an annoying misnomer, not being in Old Syriac but in Early Classical Syriac; they are "old" in comparison to the Syriac of the Peshitta (but we've had this conversation before Smile ).

Paul Younan Wrote:I'm surprised he didn't mention it must have been in his beloved hillbilly Frankenstein dialect he calls "Galilean" (which no one cared enough to preserve, that's how precious and important those hillbillies were.)

Paul, when you decided to be insulting like this on Facebook you took your posts down. I had assumed that you realized that this is not becoming of you. This strongly expresses to any third party reading this that you have little of substance to contribute, as insults are insubstantial.

The Galilean Aramaic dialect family is a well-defined corpus and many scholars have worked on understanding it (Oderberg, Sokoloff, Levias, Fassberg, etc. etc.). My work simply builds upon that established body of research in the context of the New Testament. No more, no less.

It also has nothing to do with the topic here.

I'm obviously not going to claim that an ancient first century Syriac Gospel from Edessa was written in Galilean as much as I'd claim that a first century Jewish Galilean spoke Syriac as his day-to-day language.

sestir Wrote:Do you mean to say that Peshitta's status was such that even a book with provenience to year 78 Christ Era, if it were found to deviate from the common text, would be hidden away and replaced with a more recent copy of the Peshitta?

I'd bet he would, as according to this ideology anything outside of the Peshitta is a corruption. Then again, this ideology would never admit that there could be an older or better text than the Peshitta.

Peshitta Primacy is to the Syriac New Testament as King James Version Onlyism is to the English New Testament.

Keep asking the right questions. Smile


And with that I'm out again. I'll check back in a few days to a week or so. Or I can be snagged on Facebook. Smile 

I have much less time these days to engage in fringe theory than I used to.

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