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Arabia misspelled in Peshitta Gal 1:17 / 4:25?
I think, for example, what you are referring to is the spelling of Arabia in Aramaic in such places as 1Kings 10:15, where it is spelled ayin-resh-bet.

You can view it for yourself here: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->

I will leave it for others more fluent in their ability to explain to do so if they choose, but this (and other instances) are not a case of an incorrect spelling, but of a change in spelling where one letter is used for another (similar sounding ones).

Others can correct me if I am wrong, but here is another example:

Nehar is the Aramaic word for 'stream'. It is found in Ezra and Daniel. In Daniel 7:10, you can see it spelled as nun-hey-resh. In the other instances however, it contains the hey suffix indicating 'the' (similar to Hebrew, except as a suffix instead of a prefix). So in those other instances, it would be translated 'the stream'. And yet, right along with those instances of hey being used as a suffix indicating 'the', we have the familiar aleph suffix being used to indicate 'the' as well. One example can be found in Ezra 4:10 where you have 'raba' (resh-bet-[aleph suffix]) indicating 'the great', and right in the same sentence 'neharah' (nun-hey-resh-[hey suffix]) indicating 'the stream'.

Both are correct spellings, and the hey and aleph contain similar sounds.


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