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Arabia misspelled in Peshitta Gal 1:17 / 4:25?
Hi Thomas

Anything translated into Aramaic from Hebrew by Jews is going to retain the Ayin for Arabia, since that is how it is spelled in their native Hebrew. This goes for any translation from the Tanakh (including the Peshitta OT), or the Targums themselves because they are referencing the underlying Hebrew.

Native Aramaic spells Arabia (the geographic name) with an Aleph, which is how we know that the Peshitta NT wasn't originally translated from Hebrew. However, we spell "Arab" (the ethnicity) with an Ayin. For reference, see Acts 2:11 for "Arab" (the ethnic designation) spelled with an Ayin.

The other examples (for instance, from the Khabouris) you gave are scribal errors, where missing letters and such are common. Scribal errors aren't the topic here.


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Re: Arabia misspelled in Peshitta Gal 1:17 / 4:25? - by Paul Younan - 05-23-2015, 09:39 PM

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