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Arabia misspelled in Peshitta Gal 1:17 / 4:25?
Dear Paul,

It is nice to finally meet you. Please see my responses below:

Quote:In Aramaic the word for "Arabia" is spelled with an Aleph, not an Ayin.

Being the junior here, I must be mistaken, but weren?t the Peshitta Tanakh and targums written in Aramaic? All the occurrences of ?Arabia? in the Tanakh (2Ch 9:14, Isa 21:13, Jer 25:24, Eze 27:21) are spelled with an ?ayin? and not an ?aleph,? both in Hebrew and Aramaic.

Isaiah 21:13
(?burden on Arabia in the forests of Arabia?) ? Westminster Leningrad
(?oracle of Arabia in the evening in Arabia?) ? Peshitta Tanakh
(?the cup of the curse to Arabia?) ? Targum Jonathan

In Galatians 1:17, 4:25, even the modern Hebrew versions (Delitzsch, Salkinson) chose to spell ?Arabia? with an ?ayin? instead of an "aleph." I haven?t checked other Aramaic versions, but the Khabouris & Mingana both spell it with an ?aleph.?

Quote:There are no spelling errors in the Peshitta

What would these be classified as? The word "mhymna" (eunuch / believer) appears five times in Mat 19:12 of Khabouris, but it is clearly missing the "nun" in one of those places....

Mark 11:15 Khabouris has "hykla" (Temple) spelled as "hykna"

I could probably find plenty more where those came from.


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