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Old Syriac Sinaitic
Good morning, ladies and gentlemen.

Just a quick question. I was browsing through some textual variations (in Greek and Syriac) today and it occurred to me that there is a very odd one in Mark 2:26.

This particular variant has to do with the statement Yeshua makes in regards to David eating the consecrated bread. In the Peshitta, just as it is in Greek, it states that "in the time when Abiathar was High Priest..." Yet we find, however, the incident in the Tanakh to be referring a time BEFORE Abiathar was High Priest.

However, this very odd textual variation that I found has to do with the Old Scratch (Sinaitic Palimpsest). In its text for this verse, it completely omits the reference to Abiathar. Anyone have any further insight on this? The beginning of the verse reads in the same, "How he entered the house of God..." and the end reads the same, "...that which is not lawful to eat, except for priests..."

Shalom b'Mashiach

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