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ISIS kidnaps at least 90 Assyrian Christians in northeast Syria - report

I deeply regret this. We should pray for the end of IS. Because, everything which is righteous, can be asked of our Father in Heaven.

This prayer of Johny Enlow, a man of God, a prophet is a very strong one. Let's unite in this prayer! (Many others also pray it now)

Quote:Johnny Enlow :
OK it is time. I declare and decree that the month of March is the month where ISIS will be decimated and deteriorated even to survival status.
Even as a few weeks ago we agreed together for ebola to "bend and bow" and it has been so, so now we agree that the power of darkness that has covered and hidden the leaders of ISIS- be splintered and busted up.

May the spirit of murder that has connected itself to Islam be exposed as such before all Muslim nations and may there be a massive repudiation of it.

ISIS in the name of Jesus be spiritually disempowered and unplugged
- and be naturally thrown into total chaos, confusion and division.
May you self-destruct from within and may the acceleration of your demise begin now.

The Lion of the tribe of Judah will now roar on you and you will cease to terrorize the world. The One God who is truly Great will show you
He rules among men.

ISIS you will bow.

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