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Best way to learn Syriac for cheap or free?
I might try this approach working with Younan's interlinear.
I could cover over words while going along, lift the paper for words I don't know, and make a dictionary listing some of the new words & definitions I encounter.

Reading through the Greek New Testament
by Daniel B. Wallace
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The best way to read through the NT so as to increase your reading proficiency is to translate each chapter three times. As a rule of thumb, you should translate no less than one whole chapter and no more than about ten chapters at a time?.
Every time you translate, employ the ?revolving door? principle. That is, rotate some chapters in and rotate some out. Thus, for example, if you try to translate through the NT in one year, you could translate one new chapter a day, but a total of three chapters a day. ?. For example:
Day 1: Matthew 1.
Day 2: Matthew 1?2.
Day 3: Matt 1?3.
Day 4: Matt 2?4.
Day 5: Matt 3?5, etc.

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