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The Crawford Codex of Revelation ? Glaser Transcript
gregglaser Wrote:The Crawford codex archived in the Special Collections Department of the University of Manchester (Rylands) is considered the oldest Aramaic copy of the Book of Revelation. I obtained digital photographs of this codex directly from Rylands Library, so my work is not dependent on the Gwynn Transcript (1897), though I am cross-referencing Gwynn to triple-check my own accuracy (which also involves scribal letter-counting), and because I desire to check Gwynn?s work. I have found three instances so far where Gwynn requires correction: Revelation 2:12, 2:13, and 2:23.

I love this project; the Book of Revelation is awe-inspiring and I think the greatest promise mankind has ever received. I?ve already been blessed b

Hi Gregg,
What a blessing you are spreading!
What about Revelation 16:16? has Magdu identical to Matthew 15:39. Magdu is a city today called Migdol.
This is with consonants in Should you stick with 'Megiddo' or with Magdu?

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