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"Immer" and the Passovers of 4 BCE and 9CE
1. A Newsie once said to the famous golfer Gary Player, "You sure were lucky out there today, weren't you?" Mr. Player responded, "I sure was. I've discovered that the more I practice, the luckier I get."
So it goes with this. You don't have to tell everyone how bad you are at math. Just take out a pencil and paper in a quiet moment and practice a little more.

2.This discovery was one of 3 momentous ideas that I found by - *whatever you want to call it*. I certainly did work at this. I simply never expected to look at a computer screen or a book and find this. I owe this one to the Old Believer, David Christensen. I have found nothing from/about him since the late 2000s.

3. Let's see what he states. There is a small bit of compression in this but if you follow it with care, it will make sense.
The question asked was, "Was the Mishmarot Group "Immer" on Duty at the 4 BCE Passover AND the 9 CE Passover?"

First, what was Mishmarot Service? See 1 Chronicles 24. <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... 13998.html</a><!-- m --> . King David prepares for the Temple Service by giving 24 Groups the task. Eleazar and Ithamar end up providing the 24 Groups with Eleazar providing 16 of the Groups and Ithamar the remaining 8. Each Group rotates in for one week in the order given in 1 Chronicles 24. It takes 24 weeks for a Group to return to Jerusalem and 6 years before a Priestly Cycle completes. Remember this fact. Eisenman and Wise, Dead Sea Scrolls Uncovered.

4. "Priestly Courses for -3, 9 and 70"
Remember the phrase, "There's no 'Year Zero'?" Well, look at this and make your correction: (- 3) means 4 BCE or 4 BC, if you prefer.

5. DC uses Espanek's Tables, <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --> . I want to make a joke here but I won't. This is very nice stuff.

6. "JD 1720048" means "Julian Day 1720048". <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --> Having a single number is easier to deal with than having to juggle "Thirty days have September..." as well as "7 Ab"in your head.

7. Now we get to the real issue. We are dealing with a fixed, recurrent Cycle: Every 7 days, beginning on Saturday, a New Mishmarot Course takes over for the previous Course. The Holy Days, however, are not fixed so you must "cross calculate" to see if a particular Group is serving in Temple for, say, Passover. That's what this is all about. The Qumran Group took this EXTREMELY seriously, keeping track of "Holy Time" as well as other calendars advocated by those slightly "less righteous". It should be seen that a weekly fixed event will keep a check on improper intercalations!

8. This is the meaning of "Adding sufficient days to bring them to the Saturday following, when the next priestly course would begin...". If I am a Priest serving on a Thursday Holy Day, I will remain until Sabbath when my replacement rotates in. So, if "JD XXXXXXXXXX" is a Thursday, I will add 2 days to get to the Rotation Day. I can now keep track of the various other Groups, knowing that there are 24 Groups (24 weeks) and the Priestly Cycle takes 6 years to repeat. Note that from 4 BCE to 9 CE is 12 years or 2 cycles. This will be verified for a particular purpose in a moment.

9. DC then gets to Saturday for 2 Groups, one in 4 BCE and the other in 9 CE. If Passover is 14 days later, it changes nothing for a particular Course. When he gets to the Saturdays, he subtracts the lesser from the greater. Here is an important point in this exercise: He subtracts and gets "4368". OK. Then he states, "which is a multiple of 168". "What does that mean, 168?" Each week has 7 days and there are 24 Groups who rotate in EACH WEEK. 7 X 24 = 168 DAYS. DC then performs a division. If there is NO REMAINDER for this division, then the same Group is Serving for those 2 particular weeks. The "4420 - 0052" are the 2 Julian Day Numbers without the same "Big Numbers" on the end: "1724420 - 1720052 = 4368", that's all. Here's the division: It might be easier to see the next math part as "(4420 - 0052) divided by 168 equals 26" Notice: No Remainder. ***Whichever Group was on Duty in 4 BCE was also on duty in 9 CE*** THAT'S what this "No Remainder" Signifies.

10. Bold, with Underlining: "The Course of Jehoiarib was on duty when the Temple was destroyed on the 9th or 10th of Ab". This is the ANCHOR DATE that provides the means to calculate everything else!! <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --> , referencing Taanit 29 A . DC then "gets to Saturday" as was done before, finds the JD Number and then, having previously worked out the "Brute Force" Number of the Cycles, tells us that "Multiple 133 begins...".

11. Notice that "the numbers" tell us to count back from Jehoiarib 11 times, to Jeshebeab. It does not matter if Jehoiarib is listed first in 1 Chronicles 24. The fixed rotation gives the meaning. It tells us that Immer was on Duty for both Passovers. The death of Herod, for example is dated to 4 BCE. We may have known that but now we know it betterer. "There is History here, if only someone will look...".


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