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Aramaic or Hebrew N.T. INTERLINEAR
To Brother Chuck:


Gutbir- 1664

G.F. Boderiani- 1584

Walton in the London Polyglot- 1909

Schaaf- 1709

Acts and Epistles:

Schaaf- 1709

Western Five:

Harklean Version- 616

I had to use "powers of deduction" to figure out what he used for the Western Five. I could be wrong though, because I made the conclusion from this statement:

Quote:"It is barely possible that the text now translated into English might be identitcal with that made by Polycarp, the co-adjutor of Philoxenus. (See Proleg. p. 33.) In this case it is evident that Thomas of Harkleia must have effected greater changes in the work which he professedly revised, than we have generally supposed..."- The Apostolical Acts and Epistles, From the Peschito, or Ancient Syriac: To Which Are Added, the Remaining Epistles, and the Book of Revelation After A Later Syrian Textby John Wesley Etheridge, pg. 342

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