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Col 2:13 - and he has forgiven you all your sins ... or us ?
Thank you both for replying. I was wondering exactly the same, if any Greek MSS have "us" here. Several modern translation do however translate "us" in this verse, so they must have the idea from somewhere, I guess (well it makes more general sense to be honest, as then Paulos and his companions writing the letter are also included in the forgiveness, and not only the addressees, "us" meaning "all", and not only the "you"), following that, for diligent, a suggestion check Old Latin and all MSS (I'm now away from my NA so will do that later).
I find this grammatical difference interesting, in my opinion it is more natural for a translator to follow this you,you,you pattern (i.e. Aramaic--> Greek) and that way make a mistake of putting "you" instead of "us" (it would be applying corrective thinking, subconscious possibly), rather than the other way round (this way correction on a higher level of thinking). Surely someone can come up with an easy explanation of the difference between Greek and Aramaic of this little difference.
With peace, as always, Jerzy

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