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Wikipedia statements about Peshitta
A top dog Greek Primacist's attitude, when challenged. - Thirdwoe
#1 Thursday, December 12th, 2013, 02:38 am
I had started a thread over at "New Testament Textual Criticism", a Facebook page with over 1,770 members, led by a Greek textual scholar of some standing, and after it was gaining some steam and getting some likes and responses...he came in and shut it down, and removed me from the group, which I had been part of for about two years.

Here was his two responses, when I brought up Paul Younan's challenge about finding a translational error from a supposed Greek source text for the Peshitta.

James M Leonard: It is our intention that this website reflect mainstream NT Textual Criticism, and that no idiosyncratic views be unduly represented. This being the case, we advise participants that Aramaic Primacy is an idiosyncratic perspective that is not likely ever to arise in the estimation of New Testament scholars, and hardly deserving of scholarly effort to refute it.

James M Leonard: Those interested in discussing Aramaic Priority are encouraged to take their discussions to other venues other than this mainstream TC site.

(01-11-2020, 04:20 AM)borota Wrote: Does Malphono Sebastian Brock feel free to express what he really believes....
View the whole video is short:

I agree it's nice to memorize the Lord's Prayer in its original Aramaic.  Simone Weil memorized the prayer in its Greek translation, and had a mystical experience when saying it.

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