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From the pen of a famous Greek primacist NT scholar.
German scholar Johann David Michaelis stated.

"The Peshitta is the very best translation of the Greek Testament that I have ever read;...

Of all the Syriac authors with which I am acquainted, not excepting Ephrem and Bar-Hebraeus, its language is the most elegant and pure, not loaded with foreign words, like the Harklean version and other later writings.

It displays the hand of a master in rendering those passages where two idioms deviate from each other. It has no marks of the stiffness of a translation, but is written with the ease and fluency of an original.

This excellence of style must be ascribed to its antiquity, and to its being written in a city that was the residence of Syrian kings.

It is true that the Syriac version, like all human productions, is not destitute of faults, and ? what is not to be regarded as a blemish ? differs frequently from the modern modes of explanation, but I know of none that is as free from error, and none that I consult with as much confidence, in cases of difficulty and doubt.

I have never met with a single instance where the Greek is interpreted in a way which betrays a weakness and ignorance in the translator, and although in many other translations the original is rendered in so extraordinary a manner as almost to elicit a smile, the Syriac version must always be read with profound veneration.


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