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Last Pages from Gospels: KHABOURIS vs. Damhallte
Thirdwoe Wrote:What I have heard is that there is no known Greek copy of The Diatessaron in existence, nor has there ever been said there was one in Greek. It is speculated that The Diatessaron might have been originally done in Greek by Tatian, but no one knows for sure.

I believe that it was originally made in Aramaic, by Tatian in the mid 2nd century...and as far as I know the only thing we have of it that has come down to us, is a translation of an Aramaic manuscript, (now lost), that was translated into Arabic, then from that Arabic translation, it was translated into English. There is also two Latin translations I have heard about, but I'm not sure about the history of those.


We can be assured 101% that it was was Aramaic harmony of the Gospels. Rabbula went on his rampage to stamp out its popularity in Edessa and Mesopotamia. These were not Greek speaking areas, and a Greek harmony of the gospels would have been as popular and useful to these churches as a Chinese harmony of the Gospels.

Besides, Tatian called himself an Assyrian.


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