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Evangelion da-Mepharreshe. Authentic or Greek translation
I have the wish to make a proof of the following statement.

The evangelion da-Mephareshe is a translation of Greek and at some places, the translator managed even to match the word-plays we find in the Peshitta.
But I would need a lot of more evidence to this.

This one is interesting. In Aramaic, there is a specific idiom 'b yideh' which means 'by his hand', or when stripped of the idiom 'through him'. The Greek does not have this idiom b'yideh but it would have something like 'panta dia autos' (everything was through him).

Now the interesting thing is: If a translator would translate from Greek to Aramaic, he would not just translate using idiom where it does not exist in the source-language. Because it is perfect Aramaic (as well) to write 'kul medem' (all through him). And this is exactly what we have in the evangelion da mepharreshe. "kul medem" and not "kul b'iydeh"
What do you think about this evidence?

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