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When did the CoE change from observing Passover for Easter
Hi Will,
what i have is this:
The Creed of Aphraates
(from Henry Hill, ?The Assyrians: The Church of the East,? in Light from the East, ed. by
Henry Hill (Toronto: Anglican Book Centre, 1988), 126, with additions from Moffett,
Now this is faith:
When a man shall believe in God, the Lord of all,
Who made the heavens and the earth and the seas and all that is in them,
Who made Adam in His image,
Who gave the Law to Moses,
Who sent His Spirit in the Prophets,
Who sent the Messiah into the world,
And that a man should believe in the bringing to life of the dead,
And believe also in the mystery of Baptism:
This is the Faith of the Church of God.
And that a man should separate himself
from observing hours and Sabbaths and months and seasons,

and enchantments and divinations and astrology and magic,
and from fornication and from revelling and from
vain doctrines, the weapons of the Evil One, and
from the blandishments of honeyed words, and
from blasphemy and from adultery,
And that no man should bear false witness,
and that none should speak with double tongues:
These are the works of the Faith that is laid on
the true Rock which is the Messiah, upon whom all the building doth rise.

Aphraates lived from 270-345 AD, so already in this time he forbid to observe the jewish festivals!

Kind regards

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