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Please Review My Statement


The idea that the faithful Jewish apostles and their followers, some uneducated fishermen, would write down the holy words of Jesus spoken in Aramaic in any foreign language is quite nonsensical. According to the tradition of Eastern Christians, the 22 Aramaic New Testament Books (known as the Peshitta) were delivered from the Apostle Thomas to believers in Odessa, Mesopotamia, in the year 78 A.D. They would have been in the same script font as in the Dead Sea Scrolls. The other 5 books and the "Pericope de adultera" must have been written somewhat later.

The content of the Peshitta has not been changed throughout the centuries. The Peshitta text is essentially the same today as in all the earliest surviving manuscripts: Codex Ambrosianus (5th Century) Ambrosian Library, Milan Italy; the Mortimer and McCawley Manuscript (6th Century); and the famous Khabouris Manuscript (12th Century). The British and Foreign Bible Society (1905 & 1920) published the full text of Peshitta 22 books along with the so-called Western 5 additions.

There is no ancient Greek text that exactly matches the ancient Peshitta from which it could have been translated. On the other hand, the various Greek texts and "corrected" versions are all clearly based on the Aramaic Peshitta text since the wide variety of the Greek versions (Byzantine, Western, Caesarean, Alexandrian) contain varied content (some including extra books), very many alternative translations of Aramaic words, missing words or whole sentences, and some obvious and serious mistranslations of Aramaic words. While the Peshitta appears to be perfect, the Greek texts are all somewhat flawed, sometimes seriously. Those characteristics alone clearly show which is the original and which are the translations.

I have found that scripture truths are clarified and strengthened through study of the Aramaic text in contrast with the two major Greek versions. My faith does not depend on the Greek source dogma. However, it is unfortunate that the Lutheran Church now uses the seriously flawed Catholic Alexandrian version of the New Testament that Martin Luther rejected.

An excellent interlinear translation of the Aramaic Gospels can be found at <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --> and a scholarly interlinear translation of the whole Peshitta text has been published by The Way International (American Christian Press, New Knoxville, Ohio 45871, 1992). Aramaic reads from right to left as does Hebrew. I have copies that can show you if you are interested.

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