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Dr. Lamsa's Theology
I've heard a lot of misunderstandings about Lamsa's theology in some of my readings I've done. The most prevalent is the idea that Lamsa was Gnostic, but was not a Gnostic, he was a non-Trinitarian Nestorian. Certain camps of Gnosticism taught that Jesus was not born God, but became God at some point in His life (usually at the baptism) and other camps taught that Jesus was only a spirit that appeared to be human. Lamsa clearly believed in the humanity of Christ, and also clearly believed in the deity of Christ (I've heard people say that he didn't believe in Jesus' deity). I disagree with the Nestorian idea that the humanity and deity of Christ dwell separately/side-by-side rather than being completely united. Lamsa's theology did have it's strange points though of which I know. He didn't believe in demonic possession and possibly didn't believe in an afterlife. He also didn't believe Jesus rose from the dead in a physical body, but only appeared to the disciples in a vision (which clearly is contradicted by the Scriptures). Lamsa's disbelief in the popular Trinity doctrine would be considered strange by most people too. The only area of his translation I am certain was clearly effected by Lamsa's beliefs is his disbelief in demonic possession, instead translating "daywa" as "insane", "crazy", or "lunatic", and sometimes translating it correctly as "demons". There are other areas I suspect are too, but they could be textual variants (I doubt it though), such as II King 6:1-7 and Micah 5:2.

Summary of what I know (*=possibly effects it; **=definitely effects it):

1. Jesus is both God and man, but Jesus' humanity and deity are completely separate. Christ has existed from eternity, while Jesus came into existence when He was conceived by the Holy Spirit.*

2. God is not three Persons and one God, but one God with three attributes.

3. Demonic possession is really just an ancient way of describing mental diseases.**

4. The devil is the opposition to the Christian believers, but not a personal being.

5. When Jesus comes back, we will not literally be taken into the air, but will simply be in a hurry to meet him.

6. Jesus did not rise physically, but rose as a spirit and the apostles only saw Him through a vision.

7. There is no afterlife, all of the rewards and punishments of God are given during this life.

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