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What about Christ Jesus vs Jesus Christ
distazo Wrote:Hi All,

What can we say about the occurance of Msheeka Yeshu?
in these places (in the Peshitta)
1 Tim 1:1,2
1 Kor 16:24
2 Kor 4:5
Gal 5:6

Instead of Yeshu? Msheeka.
Because, in Greek and in English, we would say: "King John", not "John King". In Semitic syntax, we would say Yeshu? Msheeka.

In the Greek NT, we find a lot more ocurrances of 'flipped around' Greek order, like xrestos Iesous, about 56 times (checked by using the KJV).

Shlama akhi,

isn't this a bit different than the "king" example you've given, since M'sheekha can be understood more literally in the emphatic, so that THE MESSIAH, is a closer translation than just MESSIAH?

this would make it no problem at all:

The Messiah Eshu'


Eshu' the Messiah

personally, whenever i'm translating it, if i come across M'sheekha by itself, i translate the emphatic, to render "the M'sheekha," but if it appears included with the Name of Messiah in either form, i simply leave it "M'sheekha," i just like the uninterrupted flow of the Aramaic together with our Saviour's Name.

Chayim b'Moshiach,

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