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Question For Brother Paul (Or Any Other Peshitta Scholar)

You stated this: " What happened was some of the scholars of the Western Orthodox Church took the Peshitta and made it conform to the Greek copy that was used in thier lands, . . ."

In this statement do you mean that, when the Western Orthodox church did this (in taking the Peshitta and conforming it to their Greek copies) they produced the PESHITTO (at this point) ?? I don't think this is what your are stating but I wish to be sure.

I thought that the Western PESHITTO (Etheridge/Murdock's text) was very close text to the Eastern PESHITTA text? No?

The Western Peshitto (laying aside the Western 5 books) is very close (almost identical to the Eastern Peshitta text) is it not , with the exception of a few (say 7) places where the difference is tiny?

And how does all this relate to "Old Syriac" text (or what has been termed on this site as "Old Scratch." Where does "Old Scratch" fit in here?

Can you fill in soame of these blanks for me??

Tks so much Chuck.


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