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How many original translators were there, approx

In response to your post last Thursday, Feb. 16, I would say also that Paul could have just wrote his letter in Greek to those regions where the Greek language was, by and large, the "street language" of that day. I am thinking mailnly of cities in Thessalonika and Corinth but other cities that would be deemed "Greek cities." Probaobly, time would fail me to show examples that the street language throughout the provinces of the Roman Empire was mainly Koine Greek too. We know that Paul did know some Greek and even some Greek beyond the rudimentary(elementary) level. He preached to those Greek philosophers right in Athens. See Acts 17:18-31. Here we see Paul the Apostle debate and preach to the Athenians(GREEKS,see 17:21). Also, at this point Paul was not preaching in a Jewish synogogue but on Mars Hill even at the Areopogus to the Stoics (Greek philosophers) and the Epicureans (GREEKS,see 17:18). Paul (Y.), I could probobly give you a list as long as the length of my arm of the names of Greek philosphers whose writings and language was Greek, including the Epicureans. I will just plead that we both will realize that these philosphers (Epicureans) and Stoics were Greek and their language and writing was in Greek. Plus it says in Acts 17:17 that in the MARKET PLACE daily (in Athens now) Paul the Apostle was disputing or debating these kinds of folks.

We also come to 17:28 where there is a big clue (to me anyway) that Paul read Greek as well as he quotes a popular Greek poet: "for we are also his offspring. . . ." So Paul can speak and read Greek and is familiar with some Greek philosphy.

The framework is now set and established for Paul to write his letters in Greek (mainly to those in Thessalonica and Corinth; for now). The pins are set up well.

Paul can speak and read in the Greek and has the ability to write in the Greek. His audience in the Greek regions do the same. So, (rhetocrical question to all/any) would it not be an anomoly (or incongrous) for Paul to be writing in Aramaic???



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