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How many original translators were there, approx
Shlama Mike,

Another, possibly more likely scenario, is that one of Paul's companions (Silas, Timothy, etc.) translated the text for him as they were with him during all those times. As an example, this is what the first Epistles may have looked like:

This is an "epistle" that Mar Benyamin Shimun wrote to Rev. Cole, originally in Aramaic. As you can see, Mar Benyamin stated that they received Mr. Cole's poem and had it translated into Syriac so they could understand it. Then he wrote this thank you letter back to Mr. Cole, who I am sure had it translated into English.

Mar Shimun would have an English translator for this purpose when communicating with contacts in England and the States.

So my answer is, maybe there was only one or two initial translators right next to Paul?


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