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How many original translators were there, approx

Did you mean 5 to 10 translators(in all) for all the 22 books of the NT Peshitta? Given that, when the original letters were written in entirely different locations I would think you would not have the same writer translating both the letter to the Ephesians as well as the letter to the Corinthians. Or you could not have the same writer translating the letter to the Thessalonians as well as also translating the letter to the Hebrews. These letters were also written at different times.

Is there a way of knowing or coming to some ball park figure of how many FIRST TIME translators there were when translating the originals (or even copy of originals) from Aramaic to Greek; given that Aramaic Primacy is the correct approach??

Let me give you an example. Paul writes his letter to the Ephesians (in Aramaic, let's say). A translator who lives in Ephesus and knows both Aramaic and Greek translates the letter into Greek about 3 months later. Both letters are preserved (one in Aramaic and another in Greek), and both letters , say, get circulated in the region. About 4 months later another guy has the ORIGNAL Aramaic letter and he also translates this into Greek as well. So now we have 3 letters being cirulated: the original by Paul in Aramaic, and 2 copies (of the original) in the Greek language. Some time passes again and a third character/dude gets a hold of the orignal Aramaic letter by Paul (again) and he translates it also (3rd time now) into Greek. [Paranthetically, you also have the 2 Greek copies flowing around and you have a Greek copyist who know both Aramaic and Greek copy one of the Greek copies into Greek again]. So we now have 1st offspring of the Greek copy in circulation; the original Aramaic letter and the 2 FIRST TIME translation Greek copies flowing around. And the story continues. Now, are you guys seeing what I am getting at?? And this kind of scenerio is being played out in all the towns/cities to where Paul wrote his letters: Corinth, Collosae, Thessalonika, Phillipia and few more.

Therefore, let me pose my question this way: can we tell how many FIRST TIME translators (approximately) from Aramic to Greek there were for each letter?? I mean, can we gather that there were several FIRST TIME translators (from Aramaic to Greek) for each letter of the New Testament?? Please let me know. I would like an idea if was believed that there were NUMEROUS FIRST TIME translators for each letter or . . . . if this quest is almost impossible to find out. Anyone with any idea or leads please fill me in. I would like the input.


Mike Karoules
Georgia, USA


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