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Judas' Title & Betrayal Words

i noticed this about the Aramaic title of Yeehuwda (Judas) and his last words to Yeshu'a:

his title: Yeehuwda Mash'l'mana = Judas the Traitor (Deliverer)

his last words to Yeshu'a: Shlam Rabbee = Peace, my Teacher (Great One)

i find it of note that Messiah's betrayer is called by a title that literally stems from the word for PEACE = SHLAMA, and that is EXACTLY the term Yeehuwda uses when he betrays him!

the kiss is one thing, of course, but it is like Yeehuwda pronounced his very FUNCTION with his last words to Messiah! i know it isn't "big" or anything, but it was a "whoa" moment for me to see the connection, anyway.

on the Greek side of things, there is NO connection between his last words and his title of "traitor," which are, respectively, KHIRE' RABBEE / PRODATAYS.

i would say this is a small evidence of Aramaic primacy, but more significant in the meaning of the connection considering the relationship between Yeshu'a and Yeehuwda. so very sad....

Chayim b'Moshiach,

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