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Writers of the books of NT according to Abdisho / 13century
Dani Wrote:thank you, shamasha Paul,

so that?s also fine, if a church is not to dogmatically fixed in "official positions" but in "simple beliefe" and relying on the Scripture (Bible).
Besides, thanks for your explanations regarding the text of Bishop Abdisho.

Kind regards.

It's kind of embarrassing to admit, but we didn't have an "official" catechism until 2010. A bit late by some standards, eh? And that's if you want to call a work "official" that was made by two Qashas who were frustrated by the lack of one.

You know, they used to say that in order to understand the theology of the Church of the East, you had to sing its hymns. I've heard old Qashas say that if the scriptures were burned by the (insert persecutors here), they could be reconstructed from the hymnal.


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