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Writers of the books of NT according to Abdisho / 13century
Thirdwoe Wrote:Paul,

What is the official position of the Church of the East as to Peshitta Primacy?

Shlama Akhi Jeremy

Would it surprise you if the CoE doesn't have an official position?

Odd thing about this community. They never really historically took an official position on anything, unless there was extreme duress like during the Christological mess of the 5th century. It is a simple faith really.

It's less of an "official position" church, and more of a "if it's not in the bible, it's ineffable" church.

There are people with personal opinions, though. Aramaic primacists, and non-Aramaic primacists in both positions of leadership and laity.

The CoE refrains from being dogmatic unless pushed by extreme circumstances to define its stance. Again, usually in response to a challenge of a very severe nature.

Having said that, as you know the Peshitta is the only authorized version of scripture allowed to be read during the liturgical cycle.


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