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"Thus says the LORD" in the Apocrypha
Andrej Wrote:
rramlow Wrote:
Andrej Wrote:Concerning NT apocrpha, it really pays to know the history of the texts. Some of them were written with very bad intentions, especially gnostic writings. Interesting:
Thanks for the link; it seems like it could be really helpful.

However, after reading the section it has on the Peshitta, I do have to question the site's credibility.
well, you don't have to accept everything 100%. i had to find out the information about marcion is also not accurate. it is mostly traditional protestand positions. doesn't mean the rest is bad.
Thanks. I'm sure there's lots of good info there. I didn't mean to come across otherwise.

I haven't gotten into the page there about Marcion. If you care to sum up your findings, I'd be interested.

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