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Come, let us reason of Enoch of old
Dear family in our Moran,Alaha,and Makydoneh Yashua Msheekha,Berek Alaha! As I have posted on a couple of other occasions on my believing and knowing 1 Enoch to be truely an inspired book worthy of the canon,this almost took place as so many of the early church Fathers attested to its canonicity and it clearly refers to our Lord time and time again. It is an apocolyptic work on par with Daniel,the Aopcolypse of John,ect.The best current English translation from the Ethiopic(Geez)that was translated from the original Aramaic as it was known to have been written originally in Aramaic is the translation by George Nickelsberg and James Vanderkam.The whole premise and context of 1 Enoch blooms from Genesis chpt 6 besides St.Jude alluding to it and our Lord stating he saw Satan cast down from Heaven like lightening.Nephilim actually translates into the aborted ones,those cast out.It is truely a frightening scenario but we are protected by the Lord as His faithful disciples purchased with His precious blood and living as the members of the body of Christ here on earth.The Nephilim,the descendents of the fallen angels who took unto themselves human wives,produced horrific progeny who instructed mankind in the black arts of sorcery,necromancy,divination,warfare,the construction of weapons,ect and women in the art of makeup,jewelery,and to make themselves all the more sensual in appearance is what caused mankind to fall into the horrible corrupt ways which spread and corrupted all of mankind.It is said that the Nephilim also became cannabalistic.It was because of there corrupting the world that Maryah decided to destroy the earth and all living creatures upon it as the Nephilim also corrupted animals and performed atrocoties with and against animals ontop of the horrible violent,decadent and sexual atrocoties against men and instructing mankind in these horrific acts.Only Noah and his wife and sons and there daughters were chosen to be saved because of Noahs holiness as well as pairs of all living creatures to repopulate the earth.We are also taught from scripture that there were still Nephilim after the flood.What I was getting at was tat the ancient Ethiopian Orthodox church,one of the oldest of the Oriental Orthodox churches together with the Syrian-Syrian Malankara Orthodox,Armenian Orthodox,Coptic Orthodox and Eretrian Orthodox together with the Church of the East constitute the most ancient Christian churches who have been preserved by the grace of the Ruach Ha Kodesh the original semitic,Judao-Christian spirituality,mysticism,liturgy and praxis of the original mother church of Jerusalem which then shifted to Antioch,Eddessa,Abdiene,Celucia Ctisphon for the Syrian church and Etchmeadzin for the Armenian church and Alexandria for the Coptic and Ethiopain curch although Ethiopia and Eretria had ties going all the way back to Menelik,the son of Solomon and the queen of Sheeba which very solid church trad brought back the Ark of the covenent to Ethiopia where it is to this day.Only the Ethiopian church has 1 enoch in its biblical canon as well as 1 and 2nd Jubilees which also deals with this subject matter.What I'm getting to is that there is another very rare book translated by Budge called the book of the Mysteries of Heaven and Earth.I highly recommend this very interesting work to all who are interested in 1 Enoch as it is an ancient Ethiopian work directly connected with 1 Enoch which was revealed to an Ethiopian priest-mystic named Abouna Bakhaylah Mikael Zosimas.It deals with the creation and what transpired with the Nephilim.It is available through Ibis press and is very,very interesting reading ecspecially for those who believe 1enoch to be truely scripture and canonical which I have always held.This is the last translation finished by E A Wallis Budge who was a very prolific translator,not only of the Egyptian book of the dead but also the Coptic Orthodox Paradise of the Fathers which is a wonderful collection of wise spirit filled teachings of the ancient monastic Coptic Fathers,but also works on the ancient Church of the East and many other great works.All interested in 1 Enoch should aquire a copy of the Book of the Mysteries of Heaven and Earth.In Yashua,D.Michael.

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