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Who here has the courage to reject the Pericope Adulterae?
gbausc Wrote:It is easily discerned by one in whom Rukha d'Qoodsha dwells, whether the Pericope Adultera is scripture...

Translation: Those who believe the Pericope Adultera is apostolic in origin, despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary, are those in whom the Holy Spirit dwells.

You've convinced yourself that the tradition of your Latin ancestors (who surely existed) has nothing to do with how this story came down to you. Ironically, you outright reject almost everything else the Latin church teaches. I assume that comes from the direction of the Holy Spirit as well? I mean, the ability to pick and choose. Or, discernment as you would call it. Whatever wording makes you feel better. Just curious.

I find it surprising that, as an Aramaic Primacist, you could hold to this position with any degree of self conscience, given that there is no support for it in the textual history. In this topic, and so many others, yours is a revisionist viewpoint through and through. I don't know of a kinder way to say that, and I mean it in the most innocent way possible. I don't mean to offend, but I can't mince words here.

Perhaps I can't yet forget how you savagely attacked your brother Andrew in public on That may still be on my mind. I need to forgive you for that,


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