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Prophet Muhammad, the "Paraclete"

here's the information as to how paraclete was understood in the ancient Semitic world, from The Jewish Encyclopedia:

Quote:Rabbinical term adopted from the Greek ("advocate," "intercessor"): Targumic translation of (Job xvi. 20, xxxiii. 23): "He who performs one good deed has gotten to himself one advocate [paraclete], and he who commits one transgression has gotten to himself one accuser" (Abot iv. 11). "Whosoever is summoned before the court for capital punishment is saved only by powerful advocates[paracletes]; such paracletes man has in repentance and good works, and if there are nine hundred and ninety-nine accusers and only one to plead for his exoneration he is saved" (Shab. 32a; comp. Job xxxiii. 23-24). "The works of benevolence and mercy done by the people of Israel in this world become agents of peace and intercessors [paracletes] between them and their Father in heaven" (B. B. 10a; Tos. Peah iv. 21). The sin-offering is like the paraclete before God; it intercedes for man and is followed by another offering, a "thank-offering for the pardon obtained" (Sifra, Mezora', iii. 3; Tos. Parah i. 1). The two daily burnt offerings are called "the two paracletes" (Yer. Ber. iv. 7b), and the four kinds of plants at Sukkot are termed "paracletes" for the year's rain (Yer. Ta'an. i. 63c).

The paraclete or intercessor created through each good deed is called "angel" (Ex. R. xxxii., with reference to Ps. xxxiv. 8; comp. Job xxxiii. 23 - "an interceding angel," A. V. incorrectly translating "a messenger," "an interpreter"). In the sense of "Intercessor," the name "Paraclete" is given also to the Holy Spirit in the New Testament (John xiv. 16, 26; xv. 26; xvi. 7 [A. V. incorrectly, "Comforter"]; I John ii. 1 [A. V. "advocate"]), just as the Midrash calls the Holy Spirit "Synegor," which is the same as "Paraclete" (Lev. R. vi. 1; Deut. R. iii. 12). In the same sense Philo speaks of the "Logos" ("De Vita Mosis," iii., 14) as the "Paraclete" who is to procure for the high priest forgiveness of sins, just as he uses the term "paraclete" elsewhere in the sense of "advocate" and "intercessor" ("In Flaccum," 3, 4; "De Opificiis Mundi," 6: "God is in no need of an 'intercessor," "i.e., a helper").

because of the above information, i take the position that the term as used in John's writings should not be forcibly contended to be just Greek or just Aramaic, but a clever usage of the term that, according to context, fits as a bilingual wordplay, since we're speaking of the Holy Spirit, whose presence is tantamount to the curse being broken, and yet who also acts very clearly as our advocate, since we do not even know how to pray. push parakleeta as a bilingual wordplay, because it makes more sense, and offers more evidence as the Peshitta as a source-document.

as for some examples of bilingual wordplay in the TN"K:

Proverbs 31:27 it speaks of a wise woman, and how she handles her home, and uses the Hebrew word TZOPHEEYAH, meaning "watch." it also happens to be the exact phonetic equivalent to the Greek SOPHIA, meaning "wisdom," which also fits the context perfectly.

Exodus 10:10 here we have Pharoah speaking to Moses about leaving, and tells him that "evil" goes before him (RA'AH). the Egyptian sun god RA basically fits in here, because ultimately, the Pharoah is threatening him that his god is stronger than YHWH, and thus uses the term as a play on words.

Exodus 32:12 here is the same type of wordplay at work as the above example, but with Moses speaking to Yah and telling Him that if the people are destroyed the nations will believe it was done for the sake of "evil / Ra," and no glory will be given to Yah for it.

so there are some examples. i'd imagine more exist in the texts, but these are ones i've run across that look valid to me. it would be a great study to undertake should one desire to do so!

Chayim b'Moshiach,

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