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Please confirm
Burning one Wrote:
judge Wrote:
Thirdwoe Wrote:Distazo...thanks for that reply...but it does not adress the issue at hand.

Please read this part below again:

"but study of the Biblical quotations in the writings of Syrian Fathers Aphraates and Ephraem has demonstrated that neither of these leaders used the Peshitta..."

IS THIS TRUE...and if not, have you checked to see if this is so or not?

1.Aphrahat can be seen on many occasions to agree word for word with the peshitta against the
"old syriac".
2.Also Aphrahat agrees word for word , at times, with the peshitta of the epistles. As the old syriac has no version of any of the epistles, it follows Aphrahat used the peshitta.
3. Aphrahat only quotes from the 22 books of the peshitta.

See here <!-- l --><a class="postlink-local" href="">viewforum.php?f=23</a><!-- l --> ... scroll back through the threads

Shlama Judge,

your #2 is a powerful truth to realize for Peshitta Primacy. it is good to know others are thinking in this same manner, because i've been dealing with an ardent Greek Primacist over at <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --> who won't take ANY evidence for Peshitta Primacy at face value, but goes the route of "Peshitta was created at a later time" despite any textual evidence i offer. if more Peshitta Primacists would use the above evidences in conversations and debates, there may be a stronger push against the old tired and true Burkkitt view...

Chayim b'Moshiach,

Ive had this argument too, and the argument against was that there once existed an old syriac or ?vetus syra? version of these epistles.
IIRC this argument is the one used or implied by Barbara Aland.
I think youll find something on google books to this effect if you search, but this is going from memory.

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